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“Gifts” That Keep On Giving

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October 3, 2012
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October 17, 2012
“Gifts” That Keep On Giving

Its just the start of the second week of October and retail stores are already beginning to set up their Christmas displays. Throughout the years, the holiday shopping season has seen a shift into the digital age, with online shopping becoming increasing popular.

Facebook is just now introducing a new feature that is intended on helping them become a part of the online shopping network. They are testing a new feature called “gifts” that allows users to actually purchase real items from Facebook. Retailers will be able to share products through “collections” that users can share with all their friends. The real difference between other updates and this is the inclusion of a “buy” link that allows users to be sent to a site where the product can be directly purchased. Some major retailers such as Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, and Limited Brands have already started using this new option. Expect many more store’s to be joining soon, considering this new feature is no cost the retailer. Look for your favorite stores to be offering you deals directly to your live Facebook news feed in the near future and throughout the holiday season.