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$3000 Trip, 150 Yards Traveled

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November 14, 2012
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December 4, 2012

Tom Kosta, an 84 year old man from the Sacramento area, almost had to shell out $3000 in order to be transported from the hospital to medical offices for an MRI. Tom said he was able to make the walk or be taken by wheelchair, but nurses would not permit it due to patient safety policy. The ride approximately was 75 yards each way, totaling less than 30 seconds in travel time. Under normal circumstances, a man of Tom’s age would have Medicare Part B coverage, but because he is still employed full-time, he still has private insurance which does not cover the full amount. AMR (American Medical Response) stepped in and after evaluating the situation, wiped clean the debt that Tom Kosta owed. David Durand, an employee of AMR, says “costs are high in part to cover the 50% to 60% of patients who don’t have money to pay for their rides”. Also because they are a private company, the receive no taxpayer dollars that subsidize what they do.

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