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Bigger Definitely Is Better

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May 22, 2013
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Bigger Definitely Is Better

By now, it is virtually impossible to go out and buy a box TV that isn’t at a flea market. This is common knowledge to all, but now digital televisions are looking to replace a different segment of the media market, projectors. Screens are becoming so large that the projector market may soon be in jeopardy of losing its share over the commercial market of video displays.

At InfoCom 2012, visitors and business buyers alike were amazed at the growing size of display screens for various applications. No longer are 30-40 inch screens adequate for company lobby areas, boardrooms, university classrooms and government centers. Now, the forthcoming standard in digital screens looks to be those in the 70-100 inch digital displays. Some of the benefits of these large-scale TV screens over projectors include not having bulbs and lamps to change, no maintenance of filters, better lighting, and they also can fit in spaces that projectors might not.

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