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Fashion Has Gone Postal

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February 20, 2013
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March 6, 2013

Have you ever looked out the window to see your friendly mail carrier walking by and then instantly think “Where can I get an outfit as cool as that”. Well worry no more because the USPS has announced plans to come out with a line of clothing and accessories, called “Rain, Heat & Snow.” The USPS licensed its unofficial motto to a Cleveland-based fashion apparel company called Wahconah Group, Inc., which will design the line of accessories and apparel.

It’s a win-win for the Postal Service, which will get a percentage of sales and they won’t have to include a budget item in their financials to produce the line since Wachonah will pick up the tab. Rain Heat & Snow will release a line for men by spring 2014, which will be sold in premier department and specialty stores. A line for women is also in the works. It will feature all-season, all-weather gear with the latest technology such as sweat-wicking fabric and jackets that can sync up with your MP3 players. The line also includes coats, head gear and footwear.

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