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It Comes as Often as Leap Year

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October 30, 2012
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November 14, 2012

Election day. Every four years we are subjected to an endless amount of campaign ads, new promises, and an ever so important choice to make; who do we want to be our next president?

The first Tuesday after November 1 has been the day of elections since Congress decided so in 1792. This day was chosen for a multitude of reasons that don’t necessarily apply to today’s society. Firstly, this date was chosen because the harvest would have been completed by then, a very strenous time for early Americans. It was set to be a Tuesday so that people could travel to their designated polling destinations. Since travel was not nearly as efficient, and most did not travel on Sundays for religious reasons, Monday was given as a day for travel. The reason that it was not set to be on the 1st  was  to not interfere with All Saints Day. Also, most bookkeepers used the 1rst as a day to prepare their books for the proceeding month. So for all these reasons, election day has been set for first Tuesday after November 1.

Hopefully you were able to exercise your right to vote yesterday, especially since throughout the course of history, not all Americans have had that privilege   Congratulations to Senator Romney and our returning president Barack Obama on a very hard fought and exciting race. Let the campaigns for November 8th, 2016 begin.