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Not the Source of Energy Your Looking For

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February 27, 2013
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March 13, 2013
Not the Source of Energy Your Looking For

Energy shots have become quite popular for those looking to get a quick boost in energy while not having to consume a lot to do so. These things are sold everywhere so it’s easy to see why this distinction needed to be made. A gas station was selling these super eco-fuel shots, which as most would be able to determine are not actually meant for human consumption but for cars, had to label these “energy shots” as not being energy shots. These shots are meant to help boost fuel economy and reduce emissions in automobiles. You can only imagine what kind of reaction the human body would have to taking one of these.

There no word on whether the sign labeling these NOT energy shots was a proactive move or a reaction to someone making that exact mistake. What we do know is these sure do look like the ones we do drink. It’s either one of the most brilliant or possibly the worst product packaging ideas ever.