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Raise Your Glasses

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December 25, 2012
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January 9, 2013
Raise Your Glasses

It’s fizzy, it goes down easy and two nights ago people around the globe were clinking glasses of champagne to ring in the new year. But why? The story goes a little something like this.

Famous monk a Dom Perignon showed up at the end of the 17th century and changed the champagne industry by improving his abbey’s vineyards and packaging champagne in bottles for the first time and stopping up the bottles with corks secured with string to help preserve its fizziness  Eventually King Louis XV declared that only Champagne’s fizzy stuff could be shipped in bottles, and the French court went crazy consuming it at party after party. Champagne’s makers realized they were onto something that was consider luxurious and exclusive,  and began selling it to the nobility in other countries. Rich people with new money wanted it so they could be “in” with the aristocrats, and it followed that the common people began to see champagne as a special beverage. It was too expensive to be consumed on a regular basis but was great for special occasions, and so it became to be know that New Year was that special event for which to have champagne.

So there you have it, champagne has been a custom for new years since the medieval times. Here is to all, hoping for a safe and joyful 2013.