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Sleeping Off the Weight

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March 20, 2013
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April 10, 2013

Sleep is the important part of anyone’s night. Some like to sleep a lot, some wish they could sleep more, but no matter what everyone has to do it. Everyone likes to start the day fresh and energized, but is that all your night of sleep will give to you?

At the University of Colorado, they went ahead and found out more great reason why getting the proper night’s sleep can help benefit your life. They discovered that participants who were sleeping 5 hours as opposed to 9 had higher metabolic rates, but still actually gained weight during their study  (2lbs in a week). Though these light sleepers were burning more calories, they were taking in more calories for energy to make up for their lack of sleep. They then reversed roles of the 5 and 9 hour sleepers and the same results held true. The other factor that contributed to this weight gain was that the 5 hour sleepers were seen to be eating a less healthy diet to try and help fight off their fatigue.

Sleeping has more benefit than just giving you energy, its part of the complete package that promotes a healthier life. We have many solutions in order to offer you the complete package of insurance coverages for your home, auto, health and life. Don’t wait until its too late, give us a call today (724)863-3420.