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The Sweet Taste of Success

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May 24, 2013
Expect the Unexpected
June 9, 2013

Most people have heard of the Haribo Candy Company and more recently through ads portraying kids running the company or from just having their delicious gummy bears, but few know much more about them than that. Haribo is a German company, originating all the way back to 1920. They incorporated themselves in the US, Baltimore Maryland to be specific, back in 1982. To date they actually offer over 30 different types of candy products, including their world famous gummy bears. Though these candies are chewy and sweet, they lack the fat and sugars of other candy, making them very appealing for adults and children alike. And don’t you worry; there are plenty of these little bears to go around. Haribo produces 100,000,000 Gold Bears every single day. From small German start-up to global candy super power, Haribo is a great example of how to make a lot from a little.
Duncan Financial Group has that same mindset, focusing on getting you the most coverage for the best value. If you’re looking to make more out of your current policies, or just have general questions, we’d be more than happy to help. Call us today at (724)863-3420.