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The Way to the Heart is Through the Nose

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February 6, 2013
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February 20, 2013
The Way to the Heart is Through the Nose

Valentines Day is ever fast approaching and plenty of people are still looking for that perfect gift to give to their significant other. Flowers and chocolate are the obvious choice but your looking for something unique, that will really knock their socks off. Well in your frivolous search, chances are you did not come across this little gem originating from our neighboring country of Canada. Back in December, in order to commemorate reaching 100,000 Facebook fans, Pizza Hut Canada released 110 bottles of “Pizza Hut Perfume”, a scent that is meant to replicate the opening of a box of Pizza Hut pizza.

But don’t think that there is no possible way to get it. Pizza Hut is packaging the perfume in a Valentine’s Day bundle that also includes a $20 gift card that it’s giving away to customers who Tweet @PizzaHut and use the #LastMinuteLovers hashtag. The packages will supposedly be sent to winners in time for them to present the gifts of pizza and smelling like pizza to their special someone. So for all of those out there looking for the perfect gift for their pizza loving lover, here is your chance to have your partner extra cheesed this Valentines Day.