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Time is More Money Than You Ever Thought

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January 2, 2013
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January 16, 2013
Time is More Money Than You Ever Thought

When it comes to events that help companies reach the most people at one time in America, the Super Bowl is second to none. In less than a month, Sunday February 3rd, over 100 million people will tune in to watch two of the remaining teams in the NFL play for the championship. But the game itself isn’t necessarily the primary focus of viewers this evening. Super Bowl ads have become just as popular to the fans as the game itself, and plenty of companies are willing to shell out some serious money for a piece of the action.

Last year the average TV spot for the game ran at about 3.5 million dollars for just a 30 second spot. Prices for this years game are reaching ever higher levels. Though exact pricing isn’t confirmed, since each spot has a different value, CBS’s Dana McClintock says its safe to say spots will go for 4 million and in some cases even more. Just for a little comparison, ad space in the first Super Bowl went for about $40,000.  Pepsi, Audi, GoDaddy, Hyundai, and Sketchers have all already staked their claim for slots during the game. Commercials are usually a time when people go to the bathroom or grab a snack, but this night is the exception to the rule.

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