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Travel Away on Memorial Day

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May 15, 2013
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Travel Away on Memorial Day

Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day, was originally started to honor those brave souls who fought in the Civil War. Now this holiday recognized for all of those who lost their lives serving this great country we call home. Originating back in 1868, people travel all over the country to gather with their families and spend time remembering these veterans and the things they fought for.

This weekend is one of the most traveled in the calendar year, which usually will lend to a rise in gas prices. However, this year will not adhere to that trend.  According to the AAA national motorists club, prices are about the same as at this time last year. Relatively flat gasoline prices at the start of what is considered the summer driving season will help the wallets of 31.2 million Americans whom will use cars to travel to their weekend destinations.

This is great news for travelers this weekend, and hopefully will allow all of those who wish to spend time with others the chance to do so. We here at Duncan Financial Group thank all of those who have given their time and dedication to serve our country, and wish all a very safe and happy Memorial Day.