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You Can Go Your Own Way

Time is More Money Than You Ever Thought
January 9, 2013
The Best Management Is Time Management
January 23, 2013

Technology is a one of the greatest time savers, but trusting it blindly is dangerous. A 67-year-old woman drove 900 miles over the course of two days because of a GPS error. Her actual destination was only 90 miles away. She wanted to pick up a friend at the train station in Brussels, just 93 miles north from her point of origin. But instead, she turned on her GPS, which told her to drive south, taking her turn by turn all the way down to Zagreb, Croatia. Instead of a couple of hours in the car, she spent a couple of days to cover the 900 miles that separates both points in Europe. During her long journey, she stopped several times to get gas, slept for a few hours on the side of the road, and even was involved in a minor car accident.

She was quoted as saying, ‘I was distracted, so I kept driving. I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving. Suddenly I arrived in Zagreb and I realized I wasn’t in Belgium anymore.” As funny as this may seem, there was one person who was not laughing.  After a day, her son alerted the police, who started a  search to find her.

It’s all to easy to lose your way, especially when it comes to matters like your insurance. Let us here at Duncan Financial Group help you stay on the right path by getting you the policies that best serves your needs. Please give us a call today at 724-863-3420  and see what it’s like to experience the Duncan difference.