The Insurance Geek™ on Motorcycle Injuries:

Biker at rally“Mr. Dodge,”

“I am a 50-something whose kids are grown and whose wife has no more objections to my buying a Harley. I read one of your columns in your blog about the young bike rider and his attempts to get to his parents underinsured coverage. I live in Pennsylvania. I know that I cannot get motorcycle Personal Injury Protection coverage in case I get hurt, but am I correct in saying that I can go after my Supplemental Uninsured Motorists coverage if I exhaust the other driver’s liability coverage? I know it sounds morbid, but in my younger days I had a bike and was hit a couple times by idiots that couldn’t see stop signs. Thanks for your help.”

Here is the response:

“Not morbid at all; people need to think about these things. If the at-fault driver’s liability insurance is exhausted by your medical bills, you should be able to collect benefits under the SUM coverage on your bike. So, if your medical bills are $250,000 and the driver who hits you only bought $50,000 in bodily injury liability insurance, the SUM coverage on your bike should pick up the amount over $50,000, subject to the amount of SUM coverage you bought. If you bought $100,000, that’s the most it will pay.”

For more information on how to obtain coverage for injuries sustained while operating your Motorcycle contact Duncan Financial Group today.

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Digital Content Piracy – Latest News

With the recent explosion of SOPA and PIPA in the news media this week, the term “digital content piracy” has received a ton of exposure and left many people wondering if they themselves are guilty of this very crime.

An online pirate is anyone who reproduces the work of another without authorization to do so. Ever downloaded a song from Napster, Limewire or BitTorrent? How about when you burned that DVD so you could have your own copy?  These works are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Most people who download these types of content without permission from the copyright owner think that they could never get caught. Or, they believe the site they downloaded the material from is the guilty party. This is so far from true. Not only can you get caught, but you can personally be faced with a massive lawsuit.

Did you know that every time you download or upload content, your computer’s IP address can be traced directly back to you?

In a famous recent case, Voltage Pictures went after 24,000 people who downloaded a copy of the film Hurt Locker from a bit torrent website. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were required to give up the names of the users who downloaded the content and lawyers began knocking on doors. The Copyright Group demanded payment from the content pirates each between $3,000 and $5,000 to avoid being sued for $150,000. Voltage ended up taking 5,000 of the accused pirates to court.

These “content pirates” were everyday people just like me and you. They were not executives at YouTube or the CEO of Napster. They were our neighbors, cousins, babysitters and friends.

So, can you be sued for downloading copyrighted material from the web? The answer is yes. You can be caught and held liable. And since “content piracy” is not listed as a covered peril on a personal liability insurance policy- I wouldn’t depend on your liability coverage to help you with the legal costs.

Every good decision starts with a little discernment. Start with protecting yourself the things you can’t control, accidents, storms, life happens.

So call Duncan Financial Group today and find out how you can start making good decisions.

Do You Know All You Can About Homeowners Insurance?

President Obama pays roughly $120 per month to insure his Ford Escape Hybrid–not factoring in a hybrid vehicle discount.

But how much would President Obama pay for homeowners insurance? As it just so happens, quite a bit.

According to some estimates, the price tag for the White House tops $100 million, a fair bit more than a run-of-the-mill Washington D.C. household. The cost to cover a home that pricey would be outrageous, even for two Harvard graduates.

But the real kicker is Liability coverage. Even adding a new pool to your home can necessitate an increase in liability coverage, so imagine how much liability coverage would be needed to cover visits from international media and foreign leaders? Too much to fathom!

On the bright side, President Obama can save on Homeowners Insurance by landing a multi-policy discount by insuring the White House on the same policy as his Ford Escape Hybrid. This could save him up to 15% on both premiums

But wait a second–maybe the White House needs Renters Insurance. After all, the President doesn’t own the White House, right?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of a Renter’s Insurance policy is roughly $20 per month. However, something tells me the White House may need a bit more coverage than your everyday rental property.

Good luck finding a Renters Insurance policy that covers a $100 million home, Mr. President.

Even if you don’t live in the white house Duncan Financial Group can find a policy that fits you and your needs. We are an independent insurance agency so we can customize multiple packages just for you!


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Gas Saving Tips for Your Everyday Driving

If you’ve filled up your gas tank lately, it probably cost you a small fortune. High gas prices are putting a dent in everyone’s wallet.

As of June 9, the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.54. That’s up a significant amount from a year ago when the national average was $2.79.

With that in mind, here are a few gas-saving tips to boost your vehicle’s fuel economy:

  • Slow down on the highways. Driving at 55 mph instead of 65 mph can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent or more.
  • Avoid stop-and-go driving; accelerating and braking cause your engine to expend more fuel. If you can’t avoid driving in the city, accelerate slowly.
  • Get rid of any “junk in the trunk.” Even 50 pounds of excess weight can harm your fuel economy.
  • Keep a steady speed. Speeding up and slowing down wastes fuel.
  • Avoid using your air conditioner when possible; they can reduce fuel economy up to 20 percent.
  • Give your vehicle some TLC! Get a regular tune-up, keep your tires inflated.
  • Find the cheapest gas in town. At, you enter your ZIP code and scroll through local gas prices. There’s even a GasBuddy application for iPhone and Droid users. (Searching for dirt cheap gas prices? There’s an app for that.)

Duncan Financial Group has one more potentially helpful suggestion. If you can’t kick high gas prices, try offsetting your losses by paying less for car insurance. If you can cut $20 or so from your monthly premium, high gas prices won’t sting quite as much. Visit our website to see how we can save you money today.

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Why Traffic Tickets Save Your Life

Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket–they’re expensive, cause your auto insurance rate to increase and are a real pain in the you-know-what. But according to a new study, a ticket could save your life.

Research published in The Lancet, a medical journal, has found that drivers are more conscientious after being ticketed, at least for a while.

Researchers found that for a few weeks after receiving a traffic ticket, a driver’s chances of being killed in an automobile accident fall by 35 percent.

After three or four months, though, the impact wears off and drivers continue to lead foot around town.

So, the next time a cop gives you a ticket, give him a big smile and say thank you–he or she may be saving your life.

We all hate traffic tickets but they come with a positive outcome for the community. Keep driving safe and you and your auto insurance policy will see a difference. Not satisfied with your policy? Take a look at what Duncan Financial Group can do for you!

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Chew More? Weigh Less?

The more you chew, the less you eat, according to new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study involved 30 men–16 skinny, 14 obese–who were videotaped while eating a meal. The researchers guessed that the skinnier subjects would chew each bite more thoroughly than the heavier subjects. It turns out they were right.

During the next experiment, the subjects were instructed to chew each bite 15 times, while another experiment they were asked to chew 40 times.

When the subjects chewed each bite 40 times, they consumed 12 percent fewer calories than when they chewed 15 times. The 40-chew group also had lower levels of ghrelin, a hunger-producing hormone, in their stomachs.

So there you have it: Chewing, along with diet and exercise, should be a part of your weight-loss routine.

A great tip just in time for New Year’s resolutions! Duncan Financial Group provides honest and thorough insurance coverage. Stop in or contact us today to find out if your policy is meeting your needs!

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The Consumer’s Guide to Small Business Insurance

 If you own a business or are a partner in one, you’re probably already familiar with risk. After all, few things in life are riskier than launching and running your own business. Part of the risk of any small business is the loss of critical tools, property or liability to others – all of which can cause loss of income or force you to close your doors. Large companies employ full-time risk managers to keep their risk taking to a minimum. But chances are that as a small business owner, you are the company’s risk manager, the personnel director, the office manager and possibly the entire staff all rolled into one.

While juggling all the jobs that need to get done to make your business a profitable operation, you may already be asking yourself, “Who has time to think about insurance?” You do! Keeping risks and losses to a minimum is a cornerstone of business success, especially for small businesses. Take a few minutes now to check your risk factors, find out about your insurance needs and learn the many options available to you. And remember choosing insurance from Duncan Financial Group is as important as choosing the right insurance.

We take pride in keeping our customers happy! See what some have already said below:

“We have really appreciated the relationship we have built with the Duncan Financial Group (Duncan Insurance Group). They have been there for us through the changes in the industry and with our company. Throughout the years, they have advised us on how to better manage our risks and have helped us reduce our insurance costs.

We have really benefited by how their claims management team takes control of an employee injury so that the employee gets the right care, as quickly as possible, but most importantly, helps dramatically reduce the cost of the injury”.
-Erik Ryan 

You can be one of our satisfied customers just by making a call! Contact us or stop in today to take a step in the right direction of protection.

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Happy Holidays from Duncan Financial Group!

Happy Holidays from Duncan Financial Group!


We want to wish you a safe and Happy New Year! Thanks for reading our blog, see you next year!

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Holiday Travel Survival Guide from DFG

Holiday traveling has always been a feat to conquer, almost everyone does it (at least it seems that way) and almost everyone comes across the same frustrations with taking part in conquering this task. The tips listed below will help you and your monsters- I mean kids and significant other get through the holiday traveling traffic. We want to make your holiday traveling as pain free as possible. Here are some tips to keep the holiday frenzy to a low frizz.



  1. Eat something light and healthy before you go. It’s not good for your body to skip meals. in case you get stuck in traffic (odds are that you will, as AAA has been reporting that with fewer people traveling by air, that leaves more people taking to the highways), pack the car with bottles of water and healthy snacks. This helps keep everybody’s blood sugar up and keep grumpies at bay.
  2. Take rest stops. Yes, the natural urge is to just keep driving until you get there, but everyone will be happier if you get out every 45 minutes or so for a little walk and stretch break. If possible, refill your water bottles. And urge the kids to use the restrooms. You don’t know when you might be stopping again.
  3. Try playing a traffic game try a game that will captivate everyone’s attention or, if they like music, sing along with the radio. You may want to bring one of their favorite CDs, just in case.

A little extra relief tip for yourself this holiday season is purchasing an auto policy from Duncan Financial Group that will keep your nerves at ease with all the hustle and bustle going on this holiday season. Already have an auto policy? Review it and make sure all your needs are still being met Duncan Financial can help you review your policies and find out what you may be missing.

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DFG Recipe and Holiday Cooking Safety Tips Just for You!

A Christmas recipe from us to you!  This makes a great gift idea for friends and neighbors. It provides a wonderful Christmas present for all your unsure-what-to-buy friends!  Decorate with a pretty label and a circle of Christmas fabric under the jar ring. Using the same basic recipe you can substitute different fruits and vegetables to make other varieties.



2/3 cup shortening                          2 2/3 cups white sugar

4 eggs                                                   2 cups mashed bananas

2/3 cup water                                    3 1/3 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder      2 teaspoons baking soda

1 1/2 teaspoons salt                        1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground cloves            2/3 cup chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease insides of 8 (1 pint) straight sided, wide mouth canning jars

In a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, bananas, and water. Sift together flour, baking powder, soda, salt, cinnamon, and cloves. Add to banana mixture. Stir in nuts.

Pour mixture into greased WIDE MOUTH pint jars, filling 1/2 full of batter. Do NOT put lids on jars for baking. Be careful to keep the rims clean, wiping off any batter that gets on the rims.

Bake at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C) for 45 minutes. Meanwhile, sterilize the lids and rings in boiling water.

As soon as cake is done, remove from oven one at a time, wipe rims of jars and put on lid and ring. Jars will seal as cakes cool. Place the jars on the counter and listen for them to “ping” as they seal. If you miss the “ping”, wait until they are completely cool and press on the top of the lid. If it doesn’t move at all, it’s sealed.

Jars should be eaten immediately or kept sealed in refrigerator for up to a week

Holiday Safety tips to make sure your holiday season is, “The Best One Yet!”

  • Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.  When cooking for holiday visitors, remember to keep an eye on the range.
  • Provide plenty of large, deep ashtrays, and check them frequently. Cigarette butts can smolder in the trash and cause a fire, so completely douse cigarette butts with water before discarding.
  • Keep matches and lighters up high, out of sight and reach of children (preferably in a locked cabinet).
  • Test your smoke alarms, and let guests know what your fire escape plan is.

The safest way to keep your family and home protected is by purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy or checking your current homeowner’s policy to make sure it is still meeting your needs. Duncan Financial Group can help you with all your insurance needs. Stop in or contact us today!

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