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In just the fourth month of my career as an Outsourced Risk Manager, I pulled into the parking lot of a large manufacturer for the first time. I did not realize that when I made that turn into the parking lot, it would change my life and my focus forever. What should have been a very loud manufacturing plant, was silent except the noises of the EMS, police, and fire department radios.

A worker had been killed.

Since that day, I have continued to see the impact that the loss of that employee had, not only on the owner of the company, who was a long time, personal friend of the employee, but also the bigger impact it has had on that employee’s family.  The loss of the employee’s life left an unfillable hole, bigger than you can possibly imagine, in the lives of his family – his wife and 2 boys, both under the age of 3 at that time.

I saw how little workers’ compensation insurance really does for the family and I saw the lifelong changes that ensued.

All of this, from an event that could have been prevented by the actions of two people, if only either one of them would have taken 15 to 60 seconds, this employee may still be alive today. If one of them had taken pause, realized what they were about to do could have devastating results, and changed what they did…

From that day on, my goal has become to have employees go home the same, safe way that they arrived.

To truly accomplish this, it requires going beyond safety. Beyond insurance. It required a deeper understanding of my client’s operations, their employees, and the very culture that drives their organizations – impacting all of these is necessary to achieve what sounds like a simple goal.


To achieve this goal, it required over 10 years to develop new ways to identify and managing the risks and issues facing our clients. It involved creating and implementing culture changing programs and processes, including behavior-based safety to eliminate injuries.  It entailed changing how our clients hired and oriented new employees to wipe out the higher injury rates of new employees. It necessitated breaking down the silos, or barriers, that often exist between operations, human resources, and safety to dive success. And we continue to refine our approach and programs as times change.


By the way, in accomplishing these changes, our clients have come back to inform us that in just 2 years of working with them that we have:

  • Driven down their injury frequency by more than 60% (many now go years without an incident).

  • Reduced their number of employees that required time off from an injury by almost 80%.

  • Slashed injury costs by over 90%.

  • Cut insurance premiums by over 40% (and more than half over time).

  • Decreased their new employee turnover rate that saves them both time and thousands of dollars, and

  • Increased their productivity and profitability of their operations.

In addition, the deeper understanding we have of their operations has led us to helping them BETTER DESIGN THEIR INSURANCE PROGRAM BLUEPRINT so that their program can better respond to the potential catastrophes that they face. 

Since 2004, this approach has helped over a hundred employers take control of their Risks, their Insurance Programs, and slash their premiums by over $60,000,000. Just check out our results. By helping businesses to better manage their risks, we have demonstrated that they are able to reduce costs, improve productivity and profitability all while reducing their frustrations running their companies.

I hope you find our site helpful in your quest of taking back control of your insurance and improve your future  outcomes!




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