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2019 Budget Binder Printables

Whether it is the New Year, or you are just looking to change your financial habits. The 2019 Budget Binder allows you to take control of your financial wellness. A “Budget Binder” is the perfect tool to help you monitor and organize your financial goals, manage to spend, and save for a rainy day. This all-inclusive binder serves to help you curate all of your important documents, receipts, and goals on an on-going basis.

We have put together several budgeting printouts to help guide you through assembling your budget binder.

Download the 2019 Budget Binder
Tax Prep Icon
2019 Tax Preparation Checklist

The countdown to April 15th has begun- which means that it is time to start preparing to file your income tax return. The process of gathering all of the necessary information can be confusing and tedious, so we have put together a Tax Preparation Checklist to help guide you through tax season.

This checklist is designed to provide clarity and organization as you gather the necessary materials to prepare your taxes.

Download the 2019 Tax Preparation Checklist


The 10 Laws of Insurance Attraction
Improve company performance and manage insurance costs!

As a successful business owner, why would you keep rolling the dice when it comes to managing your insurance program? Constantly frustrating yourself chasing quotes through the broken insurance industry bidding process? Leaving the determination of your premium up to the insurance industry with their “hard” and “soft” market cycles? Only you can answer these questions. But you can take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Inside these pages you will find out how to stop gambling as the way to reduce your insurance premiums and learn how to put yourself in a winning position where you ultimately control the game

Download the First Chapter For Free

Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged (By Your Workers' Compensation Program)
Slash workers' compensations costs, and eliminate errors and overcharges!

After two years of researching what were the core problems of 1,187 owners, executives, supervisors, foremen, HR professionals, and accountants, this book was created to help business owners solve those problems and slash their workers' compensations premiums. Stop Being Frustrated and Overcharged is not a technical “coverage book,” it is a practical book designed to give you the insight as to what is affecting your company, what you can do to address it, and more importantly, the tools to achieve results!

It is written by a business owner, who happens to be a risk manager and has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom lines by well over $28 Million in the last ten years.

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Turning Premiums Into Profits
How you can simultaneously build equity and reduce your total cost of risk by utilizing your business insurance program

As a business owner, or business leader, when you look at the amount of money you have just handed over to the insurance companies and received very little, or nothing in return, and the exhausting amount of time you have spent trying to obtain bids or quotes to reduce the cost of your insurance program, only to fall short of the real results you wanted to occur, how can you not feel frustrated… or like you are going insane? And why do they keep doing the same things year after year when it comes to your insurance programs? After all, isn’t that the very definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Download the First Chapter For Free

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