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General Home Security

pexels-photo-101808Keeping your home secure

Everyone wants to keep their home safe from burglars or intruders, but not everyone wants to have an alarm system installed. There are plenty of people who prefer the do-it-yourself route, whether it’s home improvement or home security.

And nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to home security, so we at Duncan Financial Group want to help you sort through those options with a few tips.

Do-it-yourself options
The widespread availability of electronic tools means that homeowners can set up their own monitoring systems if they choose, without the help of a home-security company.

  • Cameras: Smaller and more inexpensive than ever, cameras can be placed nearly anywhere on the exterior of your home and monitored from inside wirelessly — or set to record footage for review later. Available software even allows you to point your laptop camera in a particular direction (say, at the front door) and check the images from a remote location.
  • Lights: Motion-detecting floodlights are an excellent deterrent to thieves, because they don’t want to be seen. Make sure they’re installed near entryways, and that they aren’t easily reached from the ground. And using timers for interior lights is a good way to give the appearance that your home is occupied.
  • Alarms: Vibration alarms are available for windows, alerting you if someone is trying to get in. Similarly, other monitors can be installed near doors and programmed to sound if a person comes within a set distance. Some even emit barking sounds to make it appear that a dog is in the house.

Even if you aren’t interested in installing security equipment around your home, there are a number of things you can do to increase safety:

  • Keep your home locked. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people leave windows or doors unlocked. Make sure that sliding doors and windows have extra security, such as a track lock or dowel in the track.
  • Don’t leave a key outside. If you need to provide access to your home while you’re away, leave your key with a trusted neighbor or friend.
  • Watch the landscaping. Thick shrubs and bushes around your porch or yard can give thieves a good place to hide. Keep them well-trimmed and ensure that problematic areas can be illuminated with your outdoor lighting.
  • Use common sense. If you’re going away on vacation, cancel your newspaper and other deliveries. Ask a neighbor to keep watch, and park a car out front. Don’t post publicly on social media or leave a message on your answering machine or voicemail indicating that you’ll be away for an extended period.

Burglars really do consider deterrents such as alarms, cameras, dogs, etc., when looking at targets, according to a study released by the University of North Carolina.  So a small investment in security can make a big difference!


Email Services Outage

Since early in the day we have been experiencing an Email Outage casued by our Hosting provider. Please contact us via phone.

New Event: 456 Connectivity issue on East Data center
Started at: 09/03/2013 06:40 AM ET
Updated at: 09/03/2013 07:23 AM ET
Summary of Issue:
Currently there is a network connectivity issues in our East Cost Virginia Data center.
Business Impact:
Users on East Cost Virginia Data center may experience connectivity issues across multiple services.
Technical Details
Our system administrators have confirmed that we are seeing network connectivity issues in our Virginia Data center. This  issue is currently under active investigation, we will provide more updates as they become available.

It’s More Than Just A Game

Everyone can appreciate a family game night. A time to unwind with some friendly competition and the chance to unplug themselves from all the technology people have become so used to. This quality time can serve more than just a bonding experience for your family, but can be a perfect time to help reinforce educational principles without making it seem like it’s work.

Take some of the household classics for example. Monopoly, as most everyone knows, involves buying real estate and managing money. Though most of us are not out trying to buy up all the real estate we can, basic money management and risk/reward are being taught with the ability to make mistakes that don’t affect the rest of your life. Word games such as Scrabble or Boggle help with spelling and grammar for all ages. Children may even teach their parents about works that they never knew or forgot about.

Their are an infinite amount of games that exist, that require no electricity, and can provide a fun an educational experience for the entire family. Insurance isn’t a game to us here at Duncan Financial Group. We have a professional staff that knows all there is to know when it comes to your insurance needs. Take some time to call us at (724)863-3420 to find out how we can help you.


Not All States Are Created Equal

carIt is assumed by most all that everyone on the road is required by law to have some form of auto insurance. However surprisingly enough this is not always the case. Now don’t everyone go pack up your things and be halfway out the door trying to save themselves of having to pay, for their still is plenty of liability for these drivers.

New Hampshire is the first and is the only state that does not mandate that drivers insure themselves. Unfortunately, if you were to get into an accident, get caught driving under the influence, or incur a serious traffic violation, you are required to have insurance. A little ironic isn’t it. If you are unable to cover the damages when getting into an accident, consider your license as good as gone.

The other two states, California and Wisconsin, do not require you to carry insurance. If you choose not to insure yourself, you are still required to prove that you can cover damages if something were to go wrong and it is not cheap. In California a single driver is responsible for up to $30,000 compensation for injury or death caused to multiple individuals in a single accident and $5,000 in property costs. So either you fork over $35,000 cash, or file a bond for that amount with the DMV. Wisconsin runs on the same principle but there it will cost you $60,000. If pulled over and you don’t have insurance, officers will look to see if the money is there.

Our insurance professionals understand that auto insurance can be an endless road of twists and turns, and the choices can be overwhelming.. Contact us today at 724-863-3420 to learn how we can save you money, protect your assets, and let you drive off knowing we’ve got you covered

Worries to the Weary

6787If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel, the people at the Benjamin hotel in Manhattan think they have the solution.

The 209-room hotel offers a pillow menu with a choice of 12 pillows, including hypo-allergenic and water-filled types. The hotel also offers white noise machines that play soothing sounds to put guests’ mind at ease and the hotel’s spa can send a masseuse to your room. But the Benjamin took its sleep program one step further last week by introducing a “work-down call.” A work-down call is the opposite of a wake-up call. You can arrange to have a sleep concierge call at a designated time to remind you to get ready for bed. It involves a sleep concierge calling you at a preordained time to remind you it’s time to brush your teeth, set aside work for the day and whatever else you need to do to get ready for bed.

“We advise our guests to shut down all electronic devices and just unwind about an hour before you go to bed. That way you are guaranteed to get some rest,” said Anya Orlanska, head of the hotel’s sleep concierge team. “If you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, you are not going to be able to function.”

However, such luxuries don’t come cheap. The rates at the Benjamin range from about $350 to $1,400 per night for the VIP suite.

We all need our nightly rest, but if you need a rest from dealing with insurance problems, Duncan Financial Group is the place for you. One quick call to (724)-863-3420 could be as rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep.


Fashion Has Gone Postal

Have you ever looked out the window to see your friendly mail carrier walking by and then instantly think “Where can I get an outfit as cool as that”. Well worry no more because the USPS has announced plans to come out with a line of clothing and accessories, called “Rain, Heat & Snow.” The USPS licensed its unofficial motto to a Cleveland-based fashion apparel company called Wahconah Group, Inc., which will design the line of accessories and apparel.

It’s a win-win for the Postal Service, which will get a percentage of sales and they won’t have to include a budget item in their financials to produce the line since Wachonah will pick up the tab. Rain Heat & Snow will release a line for men by spring 2014, which will be sold in premier department and specialty stores. A line for women is also in the works. It will feature all-season, all-weather gear with the latest technology such as sweat-wicking fabric and jackets that can sync up with your MP3 players. The line also includes coats, head gear and footwear.

Now that you are going to replace your whole wardrobe with post office gear, make sure you start saving now. What easier way to start saving then by calling Duncan Financial Group and finding out more about competative auto, home, and life policies that offer you great service at a great price.

Parallel Porking

Anyone who drives know they dread being put in a position to parallel park. Well count your blessings because chances are this is not the outcome you’ll be running into.

However, if you are to run into issues, be sure your Auto Policy is sufficient. Contact Duncan Financial Group at (724)-863-3420 today for more information!

The Way to the Heart is Through the Nose

Valentines Day is ever fast approaching and plenty of people are still looking for that perfect gift to give to their significant other. Flowers and chocolate are the obvious choice but your looking for something unique, that will really knock their socks off. Well in your frivolous search, chances are you did not come across this little gem originating from our neighboring country of Canada. Back in December, in order to commemorate reaching 100,000 Facebook fans, Pizza Hut Canada released 110 bottles of “Pizza Hut Perfume”, a scent that is meant to replicate the opening of a box of Pizza Hut pizza.

But don’t think that there is no possible way to get it. Pizza Hut is packaging the perfume in a Valentine’s Day bundle that also includes a $20 gift card that it’s giving away to customers who Tweet @PizzaHut and use the #LastMinuteLovers hashtag. The packages will supposedly be sent to winners in time for them to present the gifts of pizza and smelling like pizza to their special someone. So for all of those out there looking for the perfect gift for their pizza loving lover, here is your chance to have your partner extra cheesed this Valentines Day.

Things That Make You Go Huh?


You’re at your favorite department store because they are currently advertising a clearance sale and who doesn’t love a good clearance sale.  While at the store you hear that special music to your ears. An announcement is made about an additional 25% discount on items that have already been discounted. Can you believe that? Talk about being in the right place at the right time. With great excitement and anticipation you run not walk to the clearance area. You arrive at the clearance section and to your delight you find an entire section of the clothing marked at “85% off”, with the tags displaying a “60% clearance” tag. When you check out, you are given the 60% off plus an additional 25%, which actually results in just a 70% savings. When asking the cashier about the sign by the clothes you picked up, you are told “60% + 25% = 85%”.

So you decide to contact customer service through their website. You receive a response like this. At this time, we are unable to issue you a credit as our pricing is correct for our clearance merchandise. The extra 25% discount is applied after the initial clearance discount as the item has already been marked down 60%. We do apologize for any confusion.

This continues to go back and forth, and even through threatening with legal action (albeit is it really worth the hassle), you are continually told that the discount is not wrong. Sometimes it would just be nice not to try to figure the hidden meaning of things.

We at Duncan Financial Group help you with the complexity of purchasing insurance for your personal needs (Home, Auto & Life, just to name a few). Let us help you get the right discounts. Call us today (724) 863-3420 or visit our website at

Raise Your Glasses

It’s fizzy, it goes down easy and two nights ago people around the globe were clinking glasses of champagne to ring in the new year. But why? The story goes a little something like this.

Famous monk a Dom Perignon showed up at the end of the 17th century and changed the champagne industry by improving his abbey’s vineyards and packaging champagne in bottles for the first time and stopping up the bottles with corks secured with string to help preserve its fizziness  Eventually King Louis XV declared that only Champagne’s fizzy stuff could be shipped in bottles, and the French court went crazy consuming it at party after party. Champagne’s makers realized they were onto something that was consider luxurious and exclusive,  and began selling it to the nobility in other countries. Rich people with new money wanted it so they could be “in” with the aristocrats, and it followed that the common people began to see champagne as a special beverage. It was too expensive to be consumed on a regular basis but was great for special occasions, and so it became to be know that New Year was that special event for which to have champagne.

So there you have it, champagne has been a custom for new years since the medieval times. Here is to all, hoping for a safe and joyful 2013.