401(k) Retirement Services

An integrated approach to creating and maintaining a custom-tailored retirement plan

Duncan Financial 401(k) Retirement Services

Duncan Retirement Services Advisors offer Plan Investments to organizations, which, combined with an in-house Plan Administration team, provides an ease of doing business and confidence that one team of professionals is charged with looking out for their best interests, meeting all regulatory and compliance guidelines, and providing an integrated approach that explores all of the options available to create and maintain a custom-tailored retirement plan.

From SIMPLE IRAs to Pension/401(k)/Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Plans, sole proprietorships to corporations with over a thousand employees, we have solutions to help Plan Sponsors and Participants maximize the benefit from their Retirement Plan.

Duncan Plan Administration clients benefit from a hands-on, proactive team of more than a dozen in-house professionals, dedicated to supporting and helping Plan Sponsors meet their fiduciary, regulatory, and compliance requirements so they can focus on what they do best: running their businesses.


Duncan Retirement & Investment Services

Duncan Retirement Services combines Plan Investments with in-house Plan Administration, providing an ease of doing business and confidence in working with one team of professionals. From benchmarking to fund selection, regulatory and compliance guidance to plan design, our integrated approach helps employers and employees maximize the benefits of their retirement plan.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

While some firms and advisors “dabble” in the Retirement Plan marketplace, we have assembled a team of over 20 professionals that work with and support our Retirement Plan clients. The commitment to clients is evident in the credentials of our advisors that serve our plans, including Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIFs) and Retirement Income Certified Professionals (RICPs®). As independent advisors, we take a hands-on, proactive approach to your retirement plan. Studies have shown that ongoing, routine engagement with an advisor leads to increased Participant satisfaction, higher contribution rates, and larger average account balances. As it should be in Retirement Planning, we are in this together and for the long term—your success is our success.

Our emphasis on Participant outcomes is most evident in our Employee Worksite Financial Wellness Program. With over 10 professionals on our team, we have tailored a program to help Participants achieve financial wellness with services and consulting for Social Security & Medicare Strategies, Debt & Credit Analysis, Cash Flow & Budgeting Concepts, along with Personal Insurance & Identity Theft. Whatever your circumstances might be, we have the expert on staff to help you in the pursuit of financial wellness.


A Focus on the Long Term

Duncan Financial Group Retirement Investment Services

While many financial services firms still prefer to work with clients in a transactional manner, our fee-based approach allows us to take the long term view of the relationship with you and your success. While markets may be volatile and uncertain, our approach of investing prudently for the long term helps clients to stay invested and remain disciplined, even when emotions may say otherwise. Meeting weekly and combining the expertise of over 10 advisors, our Investment Policy Committee analyzes, monitors and implements the holdings and investment strategies best suited to help clients’ accumulate, preserve and transfer their wealth.

Focused on the Participant

With over seven Investment Advisor Representatives on the Plan Investments team, we are passionate in our belief in helping Participants navigate the options available to them and creating a roadmap to accomplish their retirement goals and objectives. Since working with our first plan in 1989, our approach has always been, and will continue to be, being on-site and available to meet with Participants face-to-face. We have found this presence and consistency has not only led to a long-term relationship and understanding but correspondingly has also helped Plan Participants feel more confident in their retirement savings and investment decisions. We understand that most Sponsors and Participants aren’t in the business of Retirement Plans, and our mission is to be a trusted advisor and partner so that you can stay focused on your business while planning successfully for your future.


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