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A Proactive Approach

Too often companies take a retrospective view of tax and accounting matters. Every transaction has tax consequences; knowing those consequences beforehand makes all the difference. That’s why our forward-thinking approach includes a year-round consultation with our clients.

Our proactive approach allows clients to remain in compliance while taking advantage of all the credits and deductions available to those who anticipate the tax implications of their decisions throughout the tax year.

We meet at least quarterly with most clients to offer advice on an ongoing basis, not just for a single tax season. This is a significant benefit to many of our clients, who can better plan for tax events and overall cash flow on an annual basis—instead of being surprised at one given point in a year.

Our expertise extends through business and individual tax returns, wealth preservation and management, and personal investments.

Expertise in Medical Services

Duncan Accounting & Tax Services is distinct in its specialization and focus on many service-based and manufacturing industries, with a niche tailored to medical practices.
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How We Can Make It All Work Together for You Today:

  • Uniting tax and accounting services, investments and insurance under one, strategic umbrella.
  • Heading off trouble with strategic, advanced tax planning.
  • Getting a handle on cash flow before it becomes a problem.
  • Managing credit lines to maximize benefits to you, not the bank.
  • Discovering and implementing best practices that have profited others in your industry.
  • Overcoming that “pressure-cooker” feeling through better planning with a trusted partner.

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