Because Details Are Never Just a Detail

We pride ourselves on our involvement in the meticulous detail of benefits administration. It shows in our commitment to providing continuous administrative service and support while facilitating and resolving any issues regarding enrollment, eligibility, billing, and claims status.

We’ve demonstrated our expertise in both the individual and business realms, and our team is dedicated to providing a service plan that will specifically meet your needs for:

  • Self-Funded Health Plans
  • Group Life & Accident
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Group Retirement Plans
  • High Deductible Heath Plans
  • Traditional Group Health
  • Dental & Vision
  • Health Reimbursement & Savings Programs
  • COBRA Administration
Making It All Work Together
  • Uniting employee benefits, investments, and insurance under one, strategic umbrella.
  • Extracting maximum value from your investment in employee benefits.
  • Ensuring employees are fully aware of the value of the benefits they receive.
  • Identifying activities that drive claim frequency.
  • Maintaining “high-touch” employee contact to minimize complaints and misunderstandings.
  • Minimizing costs while maximizing health in the workplace.


Our Goal: Bring Value to the Process

Our goal is to achieve a breakthrough in bringing value to your employee benefits management and insurance programs. We are committed to utilizing our collective talent to support your insurance goals and to keep them strategically aligned with your business objectives.

We promise to identify activities that drive claim frequency and implement an action plan to control healthcare costs, all while effectively promoting a healthy work environment for your group’s employees.

By taking a strategic and comprehensive approach, Duncan Employee Benefits works to align organizational goals and economic reality, helping companies both manage their bottom line and prevail in the “war for talent.” From fully insured to self-funded solutions, our team has the resources and expertise to optimize your benefit plan design and outcomes.

Finding the right balance between an “ineffective” and a “prohibitive” employee benefits program is an art that requires real insight into what’s working in today’s marketplace—and no small amount of ingenuity. Duncan Employee Benefits offer you a team dedicated to turning your employee benefits program into a real benefit for you, also.

Benefit From Our Benefits Experience

Certainly, with the ever-changing dynamics of health care today, tweaking the same old programs doesn’t work. We address the cost drivers, design alternative programs, and, especially, eliminate the headaches and frustration of dealing with health care.

Each member of our staff has over 20 years of experience, and we make it a priority to stay current on plan options and the changing marketplace. By doing so, we provide you with significant value.

Round out your benefit offerings with our additional services:


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