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Six Steps to Retirement Security

Achieving your retirement goals can be a challenge, especially when you don't know where to start. Retirement Plan Specialist, Alex Kline, RICP, CFP®. breaks down the retirement planning process into 6 easy steps you can follow, in order to reach a happy, comfortable retirement.

What is the Best Kind of Debt?

Nearly 30% of seniors 65 and over still have a mortgage, and as of 2015, 2.8 million seniors aged 60 and older were on the hook for student debt. Managing debt in retirement, or any stage of life, can be daunting, that's why Retirement Planning Counselor, Don Waite, CRPC®, offers advice on handling debt at any stage of life!

Taking Advantage of Your Employer Sponsored 401(k) and Benefits

If you are like most Americans, you are under-saved for retirement. But if you are still working you may have an opportunity to catch up. David Duncan, CEO of Duncan Financial Group and a Certified Financial Planner, discussed the importance of employer-sponsored retirement plans and taking advantage of the benefits they offer.

Automatic 401k Enrollment

As a business owner, your retirement plan is a valuable resource for your employees and serves as a vehicle to attract and retain top talent. But, often the process can be difficult. Investment Advisor Representative, Tim Kunkle, AIF®, discusses how automatic plan enrollment, plan sponsor can streamline the process and increase the benefit of a 401(k) plan for their employees.

Social Security Is NOT DEAD & Here Is Why

Over the past several years, social security and it's decreasing longevity have been a hot topic. But, while many believe they will outlive the social security program, there still may be hope. Investment Advisor Representative, Nancy Conners, explains why it might not be time to start digging the grave for social security and steps individuals can take to make the most of their social security benefit.

Workers' Compensation: 3 Ways to Combat Rate Increases

Are you frustrated by the constant rise in your Workers' Compensation Premium? Risk Management professional, David Leng, explains why shopping your insurance is not enough anymore and highlights 3 steps you can take to overcome rate increase and gain control of rising costs.

Workers' Compensation: Avoiding Premium Audit Overcharges (Part 1 of 4)

Workers' Compensation and Insurance Professional, David Leng, explain how your actions and the actions of your employees can positively and negatively affect your insurance rates. Part 1 of this 4-part series examines the auditing process and helps you understand how to lower your workers' compensation rates and avoid overcharges.

Workers' Compensation: The Impact of Mismanaging Your Experience Modifier (Part 2 of 4)

Workers' Compensation and Insurance Professional, David Leng, demonstrates how your experience modifier impacts your insurance premium. Part 2 of this 4-part series uses real-life examples to illustrate how accidents and injuries affect your experience modifier and how you can manage these casualties to avoid a rate increase.

Workers' Compensation: Demystifying Your Experience Modifier Calculation (Part 3 of 4)

Most business owners do not understand how their experience modifier is calculated. To them, it is a magic number that controls how much they pay for insurance coverage. In part 3 of this 4-part series, Workers' Compensation and Insurance Professional, David Leng, breaks down the process used to calculate your experience modifier to reveal the reality behind the "magic."

Workers' Compensation: Monitoring and Controlling Your Experience Modifier (Part 4 of 4)

Workers' Compensation can be confusing. Part 4 of this 4-part series, Insurance Professional, David Leng, helps business owners understand how monitoring and controlling your experience modifier can assist with benchmarking, lowering premiums, and ultimately lower your premium.

Credit Programs Explained

Minimizing the cost of workers’ compensation is always a concern for employers. Learn how reducing your risk and lower costs with the use of credit programs.

Establishing A Safety Culture

Most workers’ compensation claims are not because of unsafe working conditions, they are because of unsafe work behaviors. A company’s attitude toward safety is key to minimizing risks and decreasing worksite injuries. Find out how to build a culture of safety and lower the number of workers’ compensation claims, and your overall risk.

Understanding Losses and Reserves

Over 10% of experience modifiers are incorrect. Reserves can have a huge impact on your insurance premium and assessed losses, which impacts your experience modifier. Learn how to verify your losses, reserves, and experience modifier to reduce your premiums and overall insurance costs.

Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 years of commitment to our clients and the financial service industry, inspired by Founder Jack Duncan. He believed, if you take care of your customers, everything else will take care of itself, and we've carried on that philosophy since his death in 1997.

Celebrating 40 Years: Brian Duncan

Learning From Our 40 Years of Experience

Vice President, Brian Duncan, discusses how Duncan Financial Group has learned from the past 40 years in the insurance and financial services industry. During the video, he explains how this knowledge will help the company continue to grow and continue to serve our clients.

Celebrating 40 Years: John M. Duncan, Jr

Keeping the Tradition Alive

John M. Duncan, Jr., son of Founder John (Jack) Duncan, explains how the values and traditions set by his father are kept alive in the company. From hiring to customer service to community involvement, Duncan Financial Group still portrays the original values set by our founder 40 years ago.

Celebrating 40 Years: Janet Beliles

Being Part of a Team

Janet Beliles is a member of the 401(k) and retirement planning team at Duncan Financial Group. Janet talks about what it is like to work with her team and how they positively impact her daily life.

Celebrating 40 Years: Daneen Hayden

Working with Our Clients

Commercial Account Manager, Daneen Hayden, talks about her experience with clients at Duncan Financial Group. Daneen works with clients every day to provide them commercial insurance solutions.

Celebrating 40 Years: David Leng

Why I Chose to Join Duncan Financial Group

David Leng, Executive Vice President of Insurance, explains why he chose to join Duncan Financial Group almost 20 years ago. He discusses the family values, community involvement, and commitment to clients and staff exhibited by the company and how it impacted his decision.

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