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We all have busy lives and schedules.  Sometimes it can be hard to find time to plan for the future when we’re busy just trying to get through the present.

Let our hardworking staff of professionals help plan for all of insurance needs.  Give Duncan Financial Group a call today at (724) 863-3420.

Overqualified Candidates

According to a new study released by the non-profit Center for College Affordability and Productivity, nearly half of working Americans with college degrees are in jobs for which they’re overqualified. The number of Americans whose highest academic degree was a bachelor’s grew 25%, associate’s degrees increased 31%, while the number of Americans for whom the highest level of education attainment was a master’s or doctorate degree grew fastest of all — 45% and 43%, respectively.

There just seems to not be enough jobs that require college degrees (28.6 million) to accommodate the ever growing workforce of college graduates (41.7 million). 15% of taxi drivers in 2010 had bachelor’s degrees vs 1% in 1970 and among retail sales clerks, 25% had a bachelor’s degree in 2010; less than 5% did in 1970. This almost mandates the need for newly graduated job hunters to provide more than just a degree to impress potential employers.

At Duncan Financial Group, we look to differentiate ourselves by offering award winning services and building relationships that last.  See how you can benefit from our experience by calling at (724)-863-3420.

Insurance Companies Pay Out Big for Dog Bites

Duncan Financial GroupInsurance companies shelled out $479 million to pay for dog bites last year, up from $413 million in 2010.

One company alone, State Farm, paid more than $109 million in Homeowner claims related to bites. California – which has more people and dogs than any other state – led the nation with 527 State Farm claims costing more than $20 million, followed by Illinois, Texas, and Ohio. The nationwide average claim was $28,800.

Dogs bite some 4.7 million Americans a year, nearly half of them children, Nearly 400,000 of these bites require medical treatment – and an average of 16 result in death.

Children age 5 to 9 are the group most likely to be bitten. The ASPCA predicts that one of every two children in the U.S. will suffer a dog bite before he or she turns 12, in most cases by their own dog or a pooch owned by a friend or neighbor. Seniors are the next most vulnerable group, followed by mail carriers. Dogs bit some 5,600 USPS carriers in each of each of the past two years, costing the Postal Service more than $1 million worth of medical bills in 2011.

Heredity, socialization, training, physical condition, and activities of humans can all affect the animal’s propensity to bite. Because children are by far the group most vulnerable to dog bites (a child is 900 times more likely to be attacked than a letter carrier) the ASPCA recommends that youngsters should never:

  • Maintain eye contact with a dog
  • Go near a chained canine
  • Approach or touch a dog who is eating, sleeping, or off-leash
  • Scream or run if an off-leash dog approaches
  • Pet a dog without asking its caregiver for permission (it’s wise to have the animal sniff your closed hand first – many dogs perceive an open hand as threatening)
  • Approach a dog from above its eye level
For more information on protecting yourself and others from possible liability, contact Duncan Financial Group and ask about reviewing your Homeowners Policy or getting Umbrella Coverage to cover the possibility of dog bites–even if they are accidental!

Meet David R. Leng

David LengDavid R. Leng, Vice President of Duncan Insurance Group, a division of Duncan Financial Group, LLC is a 20+ year Risk Management veteran.  His professional credentials include recognition as a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified Risk Manager and Certified WorkComp Advisor.  David is also the Co-Founder of Keystone CompControl, and recently became an instructor for the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in 2010.  David graduated from the Pennsylvania State University earning a B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance.

To contact David Leng, please call 724-863-3420, ext. 3329 or email him at

Homeowners Insurance

Duncan Financial Group

Home is where the heart is. It is also one of the most important assets you will ever acquire. It is more critical than ever to make sure your home and all that “makes it a home” are fully protected. Homeowners insurance must be custom built to prepare you for all of life’s planned and unplanned events.

We provide the professional and personal attention necessary when choosing property insurance. Our experienced insurance advisors offer the best rates, guidance, and coverage – all under one roof. We understand that there are many different needs when it comes to protecting your home, and we work diligently with you as your needs change, grow, or when you need us most. We cannot prevent life’s mishaps from happening, but we can help you to be prepared when they do.

Call us at 724-863-3420 to speak with one of our experienced insurance advisors. We will work closely with you to choose the right coverage for your home, condo, or rental property.

Why Worker’s Compensation? We Will Tell You!

Workers’ Compensation from Duncan Financial Group on Vimeo. We provide honest service that can be customized for your Insurance needs. Contact Duncan Financial Group in Irwin, Pennsylvania at 724-863-3420.

Meet John M. Duncan, Jr

John M. Duncan, Jr. has been President of Duncan Insurance Group, a division of Duncan Financial Group, LLC since 1997.  He originally joined the company in 1983 as a property and casualty producer.

His credentials include recognition as a Certified Insurance Counselor as well as a Certified Workers Compensation Advisor.  He also serves as President of the Norwin Public Library’s Board of Trustees. John also holds a seat on the Board of Directors for Keystone Insurers Group and Norwin Chamber of Commerce.  John graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Business Management.

To contact John Duncan, please call 724-863-3420, ext. 3311 or email him at

Meet Kimberley H. Wilson

Kimberley H. Wilson
kimberley_about-page-on-websiteKimberley H. Wilson, previously a Customer Service Manager and Commercial Lines Producer of Hutton Vincent Williamson McLean, now serves as Agency Operations Manager of Duncan Insurance Group, a division of Duncan Financial Group, LLC.  She has been with the company for the past four years.  Her credentials include recognition as a Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified WorkComp Advisor, and Certified Insurance Service Representative.  Kimberley holds a B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing from Montreat College.

To contact Kimberley Wilson, please call 724-863-3420, ext. 3324 or email her at or visit for more information!


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Our Business Review

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Edward K.  Irwin,  PA
I have known the Duncan family for many years. They are honest, hard working, helpful, and they give me the best products to fit my needs.  You might be able to find a company that might save you a few dollars on your insurance but will they be there for you when it counts. Or tell you they will get you a large return on you investments.  The proof of a good reliable company is in their past history. Duncan Financial has done that for me.
Janice S.  New Stanton,  PA
The insurance team is always available, prepared, and professional and friendly
Duncan Financial Group is well respected in the community and Mary Rodman has been instrumental
in maintaining an open understanding  with my insurance needs. Thank you, Mary, for wonderful service!
Jayson M.  Pittsburgh,  PA
I have been with Duncan for years. My family has used them for as long as I can remember. My agent is amazing, and I know she always has my best interest in mind. When I moved to Pittsburgh, she helped me write an insurance policy that was right for me. Any time I’m looking for help, she’s there.
Taylor D.  Irwin,  PA
They got me more coverage – great value. They were recommended to me and I am glad they represent me. They helped me consolidate policies from different companies.

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