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Celebrating 40 Years of Customer Service

New Acquisition, Employee and Revenue Growth Ignite the Business

(This is just till we have the real one!)IRWIN, PA (April, 2018)—From a small insurance agency opening its doors in 1978 with just four employees, John (Jack) Duncan, Sr. launched what has now been hailed as one of Western Pennsylvania’s fastest growing companies; Duncan Financial Group.

Under the current leadership of Jack’s sons, David and John, Jr., Duncan Financial Group has grown over the past 40 years from a small local insurance agency to a multi-tiered insurance and financial services operation with over 85 employees and offices in four states from coast to coast.

“This company was launched on a foundation built in 1978 by my father, John Duncan, Sr.,” said David Duncan, CEO of Duncan Financial Group. “He built this company on the belief that if you deliver excellent customer service, everything else will take care of itself. It’s this philosophy that has enabled Duncan Financial Group to grow over the past 40 years.”

With revenue growth increasing XXX% over the past XX years, Duncan Financial Group has been able to grow to the extent that in 1990 it became a member of Keystone Insurers group, which encompasses a diverse network of independent insurance agencies. Most recently, Duncan Financial Group formalized a partnership with Indiana Insurance in Indiana, PA, to further expand their comprehensive insurance and financial services.

Duncan Financial Group opened its doors in 1978, and those doors still open in Irwin 40 years later. The company prides itself on its ties to the local community, through its philanthropic efforts and the commitment of its employees to local charities and events, assuring that the company can continue to call itself “a good neighbor,” today and for years to come.


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