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Keppel Insurance is a proud partner of Duncan Financial Group

Keppel Insurance is a team of experienced, independent agents who understand that making financial decisions can be daunting. That’s why Keppel Insurance teamed up with Duncan Financial Group to provide you with a comprehensive insurance and financial planning approach. Our combined team of experienced professionals can now help you reach your goals with our same personal approach to retirement planning, taxes, debt management, and more.

...Making it all work together for you.
Dedicated to Helping You

Customer service is our hallmark, so knowing who will provide it for you is the most important thing for you to know about us. Our dedication to providing our clients with the best service will never change. Through this partnership, we plan to provide the same personal service we always have while offering a new range of services that benefit you with a better plan for your overall financial future.

Keppel Insurance is there for you when you have questions, must file a claim, or need to adjust your insurance coverages.

With our partnership with Duncan Financial Group, Keppel Insurance can better assist you and meet your needs. Imagine having a single source for auto, home, health, life insurance, and investment management. retirement planning, and tax and accounting services. Each piece of your financial life is part of a larger puzzle- this partnership will allow you to unite all areas of your financial picture into one cohesive plan that is custom designed for you.


"We are all looking forward to the many additional resources now available to us to help strengthen our relationships with our current clientele and use those resources to grow our business in western Allegheny County.”

- Andy Keppel


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