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Duncan Retirement Services’ Plan Administration

Our team helps Plan Sponsors and Participants create, monitor and successfully maintain their retirement plan. Plan Sponsors have confidence that our team is evaluating, analyzing and updating the stakeholders to the plan with relevant topics, considerations and enhancements in the pursuit of their goals and objectives.

Leverage Our Scale & Expertise

With over 330 plans and growing, Duncan Financial Group is committed to serving the retirement plan marketplace, and has invested in the people and resources to ensure clients have a first-class experience. We handle each and every detail of the administration. Moreover, rather than trying to work with an 800 number and generic customer service center, our clients have direct access to our high-touch administration team to enable them to off-load activities such as loan requests, distributions and rollovers, saving them time and resources in the process.

Our approach to retirement Plan Administration is suited to any size organization, large or small. Whether your plan is a start-up or the takeover of an existing plan, we are available to create a feasibility study and provide the due diligence necessary to make an informed decision as to the design that best meets your organization’s needs. Our scale allows us to provide stellar service while keeping fees and costs competitive.

More Than Boilerplate

We find that many Plan Sponsors are unaware of the plan design options available to them, either because their plan is on “autopilot” or their current provider does not take a proactive and consultative approach. 

For example, beyond the salary deferral limits, currently $18,000, plus $6,000 additional if catch-up eligible, an employer can make a tax-deductible additional contribution of up to $36,000 per employee. What’s more, with cross-tested and other sophisticated plan designs, we can help you and your key employees create better tax and retirement savings outcomes while still passing required plan testing. From guidance on everyday administration items to assistance with navigating the regulatory and fiduciary requirements of your retirement plan, the Duncan Retirement Services Plan Administration team exists to be your trusted partner, Making It All Work Together.

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