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Share the Road!


Summertime is finally here! Kids are splashing in the pools, cookouts are in full force, and sporting events are happening everywhere.

The warm summer months also mean that more motorists are on the roads…especially, more motorcyclists.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds to safely “share the road” with motorcycles and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. Motorcyclists are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists.

And, if you are in the market for motorcycle coverage, Duncan Financial Group offers customizable insurance programs to meet your specific biking needs. Whether you ride a cruiser, trike, touring bike, custom, chopper or sports bike, we are here to help you choose the coverage that is right for you and your bike…at a reasonable price!

Contact our expert staff today to learn more and receive a free, no obligation quote! Call 724-863-3420.

Happy Travels to You!

Happy New Year!

Beautiful-Happy-New-Year-2014-HD-Wallpapers-by-techblogstop-352013 has finally come to a close and Duncan Financial Group would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  May your 2014 be prosperous and full of joy.

Don’t Be a Last Minute Shopper

christmas-shopping1 It’s inevitable.  Every year millions of people wait until the very last minute to shop for the holidays.  Not only are these people often missing out on many deals offered early in the month, but they are also oftentimes enduring unneeded stress that comes along with procrastinating. There are still two weeks until Christmas.  And there is still some time left before it would be considered last minute.  So get your shopping done today and leave yourself more time to relax and unwind over the holidays.

Insurance is another thing you never want to put off shopping for.  In life we rarely know what to expect.  So, by being covered we can always feel prepared in case things ever go awry.  At Duncan Financial Group, we will always do our best to find the insurance options that work for you.  Give us a call today at 724-863-3420 and rest easy this holiday season.

What Do You Want To Do?

No matter what it is you like to do, the struggle is always finding the time to do it with our busy and sometimes stressful lives.  Having reliable insurance coverage can give you the peace of mind to enjoy those things.

Call Duncan Financial Group today at 724-863-3420.  Our staff will help you find the quality insurance coverage that works for you.  And your time can be better spent doing what you like to do.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of those special holidays based on tradition. It is a day where we not only give thanks for what we have, but a day of parades, watching football and stuffing ourselves full of turkey. It is a warm and comforting day, surrounded by family and friends. However, without proper preparation the Thanksgiving meal would not be successful.

Here at Duncan Financial, our agents are always prepared to meet all of your insurance needs, and they won’t stuff you full of empty promises. So give us a call today at 724-863-3420 and have a Happy Thanksgiving from all the staff at Duncan Financial Group.

Time to Start Shopping


As we near the end of November, people across the country are starting to shop for the holidays.  With that in mind, many retail stores begin to have “Black Friday” deals.  “Black Friday” is known as the Friday following Thanksgiving which is regarded as the biggest shopping day of the year.  The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s referring to stores accounting records indicating that the increased sales numbers of the day were bringing the stores from the red (loss) back to black (profit).

It is never too early to start shopping, especially for quality insurance coverage. You can rest easy these holidays knowing you’re covered.  So give Duncan Financial Group a call today at 724-863-3420 and hear about what we have to offer you.

Don’t Wait to Make Sure You’re Covered


Procrastination is a theme many of us are all too familiar with.  Although it may not always hurt us, when it comes to insurance it is better to be prepared then to put off protecting what matters to you.

Call Duncan Financial Group today at 724-863-3420 today and find out what options we have for you.


Happy Halloween


It’s that time of year again where people celebrate by dressing up and exchanging candy.  Doorsteps are lined with jack-o-lanterns, scary decorations, and eager trick or treaters.  Originally started as a celebration of the dead, Halloween eventually became a mixture of scary and fun and a tradition in many different parts of the world.

Don’t let your insurance coverage scare you this Halloween, give Duncan Financial Group a call at 724-863-3420.  And be sure to have a Happy Halloween!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


I’m sure you’ve seen the increase in pink around the country as October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Well, Duncan Financial Group is sponsoring a team of folks who will be participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, this Saturday, October 12th at Heinz Field. All proceeds will go towards research, advocacy, education and services that help benefit Breast Cancer patients.

If you would like more information or to donate, you can click on the link to our team, “Duncan” here: Click here to visit our TEAM’s page


Thank you for your consideration and support!

Don’t Fear the Unknown

Accidents happen, and theres nothing we can do about it.  But fearing what may happen will only add to the stresses of daily life.  At Duncan Financial Group we have qualified professionals to help you prepare for all of those what ifs.  Give us a call today at 724-863-3420 and let us help you with all of your insurance needs.