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As Independent Advisors, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients:

Their interests always come first. We provide personalized advice and guidance, with a focus on the client relationship, that takes a comprehensive approach to your wealth management: retirement and financial planning, income protection, investment management, estate & legacy planning and tax strategies: Making It All Work Together.

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In a profession based on objective advice, true independence offers many choices intended to benefit you, the client. Your choice of an independent financial professional is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals. Since 1981, our advisors have worked with individuals, families and businesses to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships while crafting and implementing a strategic plan to accomplish their goals and objectives. We are not beholden to a parent company or a firm that is publicly traded and distributes proprietary products; rather, we are family-owned and multigenerational, focused on putting our clients first. Our independence allows us to get to know our clients’ needs and, most importantly, objectively evaluate the options available to custom tailor solutions that can grow their wealth and protect what’s most important to them.

Working With a Team of Professionals

Our commitment to you and our profession is evident in both the experience and credentials of the professionals on our team. They include Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), Chartered Life Underwriters (CLUs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and an attorney (JD). With each piece of your financial life part of a larger puzzle, an investment decision may have tax consequences or be adverse to your estate plan. Working with a firm that can help evaluate and plan comprehensively can make all of the difference in achieving the most successful outcomes for you and your family.

Making It All Work Together

  • Holistic approach to portfolio construction: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, alternatives, REITs.
  • Protection when you need it most with lifetime income strategies, life insurance and long-term care planning.
  • Financial Planning: From college savings to retirement income strategies, financial plans can help you evaluate your options to save for the future, maximize your social security benefits, and everything in between.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must to help you prepare for life’s contingencies, whether your commitments involve mortgage protection, coverage for dependents, or college funding. Our team offers every customer a detailed plan to help you decide which type of life insurance is best, such as Term Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and Survivorship Universal Life Insurance.

Long-Term Care


Long-Term Care Insurance policies pay the cost of day-to-day care for a person with an acute or long-term illness or disability. They can include rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, palliative care and social services as well as support for family caregivers and/or home health care agencies. Without this specialized insurance, the high costs associated with this care will come from you and your family’s cash assets. Let us help you be prepared when you or your loved ones need the most care.


The Role of the Professional Financial Advisor

At Duncan Financial Group, we believe professional financial advisors offer investors valuable insight into the factors that affect the economy and ultimately the stock market. An advisor has the knowledge and experience, in both up and down markets, as well as the time and personal attention to develop a specific investment plan to meet your needs. With the insight gained from your relationship with an advisor, you can make more informed investment decisions which will help you reach your financial goals.


What should you expect from a Financial Advisor?

According to the Forum for Investor Advice, an organization that supports the role of the professional financial advisor, investors should expect an advisor to:

  • Understand individual financial needs and help an investor formulate long-term investment goals and objectives
  • Help an investor develop realistic expectations by discussing the risks and rewards of investing
  • Match an individual’s goals and objectives with appropriate mutual funds
  • Continually monitor the individual’s mutual fund portfolio
  • Conduct regular reviews of an investor’s financial status to ensure proper positioning of the mutual fund portfolio
  • Help an investor “stay the course” of a long-term investment program

Retirement Income Planning


When you accumulate assets, you focus on reaching a specific goal: the growth of your portfolio. As long as you reach or exceed your goal, you’re happy. But when you focus on living off of your assets, you are looking primarily for stability to generate a steady income stream and maintain principal. Market volatility is not your friend.

It’s even more important that before you generate income and make the most of your hard-earned money, you work with a team of professionals to map out a plan for your needs and wants in retirement, and implement a strategy that coordinates all of your assets into a tax efficient income stream that is sustainable for the long-term.

Education Funding

College is a big investment. It is estimated that a child born today can expect to pay more than $212,268 for four years at a public college and more than twice that amount at a private school.*

Various strategies are available to help reduce the cost and make it more affordable.  Any pre-planning and saving you can do, regardless of your child’s age, is highly recommended.

*Cost of a four-year college education including tuition, fees, room, and board. Estimated growth rate of 4.8 percent. Source: The College Board, 2012-2013.

We can discuss the following items to determine what strategy is best for your family:

  • Your family’s financial resources
  • The cost of the colleges your child is considering
  • Your child’s academic profile
  • Your child’s eligibility for financial aid
  • Your eligibility for tax aid

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