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December 8, 2022
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HR Tip: Stay interviews

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HR Tip: Stay interviews

According to Human Resource Executive, employee engagement programs that can boost worker retention have outstripped talent acquisition and recruitment as the top HR priority for 2023. In a recent blog, East Coast Risk Management, a member of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, addresses how to do effective stay interviews and how they benefit a company. While they are not new, stay interviews emerged as a popular tool to combat “the great resignation” movement. It’s an interview that is conducted with your current employees, individually, to assess their job satisfaction and to determine what, if anything, may be getting in the way of them staying with your company.

The top reasons to conduct stay interviews are to reduce employee turnover, create a positive culture, increase employee satisfaction and engagement, and create positive change. However, they will only be effective when employees feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly and believe you will act on their feedback. The blog author recommends forming a retention committee. “Consider including one person from each department or area to represent the employees. Then work together with them to make the appropriate changes.”