Insurance Designations & What They Mean

Insurance Designations & What They Mean

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Understanding your needs and delivering first-class customer service are our top priorities! That’s why our team of insurance professionals continuously strives to refine and develop their skill set with continuing education and earning esteemed industry designations. You probably have heard some of these acronyms before, but may not have been certain what they stood for. See below for a better explanation of what each insurance designation means and who on our Duncan Financial Group team holds each title!

Account Managers and designations:

CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative)

This indicates that these individuals have a comprehensive understanding of risks and exposures and hold the highest standards of customer service!

Six members of our team proudly hold the CISR designation:

    • Lisa Brown, who was recently recognized by the Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives for 30 years as a CISR!
    • Kim Lynch
    • Kim Smith
    • Paula Guy
    • Shannon Hill
    • Cindy Deabenderfer
    • Lesli Moeslein – (1 class away from CISR)

CISR Elite

Going off of the CISR designation, the CISR Elite title marks a well-rounded education exceeding all state continuing education requirements, a broad depth of industry knowledge,  and stay up-to-date on the most current and relevant insurance insights.

Two members of our team are currently working to achieve this designation, including:

    • Shannon Hill
    • Kim Lynch

Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) 

The CPIA designation indicates an enhanced ability of producers, sales support staff, and company personnel to efficiently create and distribute comprehensive insurance programs

On our team, Paula Guy is the proud holder of this insurance designation.

Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC)

Individuals with the CIC professional designation are recognized for their expertise and commitment to the insurance industry.

This designation belongs to two members of our team:

    • Chuck Houser- who was recognized for 20 years as a CIC by the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors!
    • Lisa Brown

In addition to taking CE Classes, our entire staff utilizes Fred Pryor Training classes to hone their unique skills even further and to excel in their respective departments.

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