Your condo is your castle, and we can help protect it.
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March 14, 2022
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Your condo is your castle, and we can help protect it.

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Your condo is your castle, and we can help protect it.

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Buying condo insurance is more than protecting your condo and the things inside it. You’re protecting the memories you’ve made within your four walls. A cookie-cutter approach to insurance is never the right fit, so our insurance can be tailored to your unique needs.

Base: Simple protection for your belongings and structure not covered by your association.

Boost: Everything from Base, plus additional benefits in coverage limits.

Advanced: Everything from Boost, but with even higher coverage limits.

Premier: Our highest limits of coverage, plus additional benefits not included with our other options.

Most Popular Coverage Options:

Loss of Use: If you can’t live in your condo due to a covered cause of loss such as fire or smoke damage (whether in your condo or a neighboring building), we will help pay for repairs, or for increased costs associated with relocation. If you have to relocate out of your condo for a couple months and are required to pay rent, we will help pay for the potential increase in your normal monthly costs while the repairs are completed.

Theft of Jewelry, Watches or Furs: We’ll provide financial support if a thief steals your jewelry, watches or furs.

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