Don’t Skip the Match

Don’t Skip the Match

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January 26, 2021
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January 28, 2021

Don’t skip out on your employer match! This free money from your employer is critical in setting your future self up for retirement success.

Let’s take a look at Jerry’s finances to learn more!

Jerry is 22 years old and earns $50,000 per year and loves to shop.

His employer matches 50% up to 6% of Jerry’s contributions.

Jerry decides to only contribute 2% so he can shop more. This earns him an additional $41.67 per month in a company match.

By not maximizing the company match, Jerry will leave $1,000 on the table in one year. By the time Jerry reaches retirement age, he will have lost out on more than $43,000 for retirement.

If Jerry put the additional $1,000 towards his retirement, assuming an average return of 10% per year, (from 22 to age 65) the $1,000 per year would grow to $592,400.

Many make the same mistake as Jerry. On average, employees leave $1,336 in matching funds on the table each year. Earn your full savings potential by hitting the full match and saving for the retirement of your dreams!

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On the Employer Match piece, please add the following disclosure: “Examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. The rates of return do not represent any actual investment and cannot be guaranteed. Any investment involves the potential loss of principal.”

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