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February 9, 2022
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Key Tips in Avoiding Frozen Pipes

Frozen faucet in winter

Key Tips in Avoiding Frozen Pipes

Extremely low temperatures are in the forecast across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Take the time now to protect your home and prevent the cost, mess and stress of frozen pipes.

Avoiding Frozen Pipes

• Let cold water trickle from the faucets in your home.
• Keep garage doors closed, especially if you have water supply lines in the garage.
• Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air to reach the plumbing (be sure to move any cleaners or chemicals out of the reach of children and pets).
• Keep your thermostat set to a warm temperature. If you’re leaving town, set it to no lower than 65 degrees.
• If you will be traveling, consider shutting off your water supply at your home’s main valve. Be sure to drain your pipes by turning on your faucets.

If your pipes freeze: turn on the taps, try to warm the affected area with a hair dryer and call a plumber.
If you experience a burst pipe: immediately shut off the water at your home’s main valve. It’s a good idea to locate this valve ahead of time.

If you should, unfortunately, experience damage and need to file a claim, give us a call.
Above all, stay safe and warm.


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