5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Financial Advisor

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Financial Advisor

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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Financial Advisor
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Let’s face it, investments and financial planning can be confusing. Whether you are saving for a first home, your child’s education, or retirement, it can be difficult to understand the ever-changing financial industry.

If you are like many individuals, you may turn to a trusted financial advisor, when looking to create a savings or investment plan. However, for first-time investors, this can be a difficult task.

Knowing who to trust and what questions to ask is one of the most important steps in achieving your overall financial goals. By asking the following 5 questions, you can be sure your financial advisor has your best interest at heart and your future is in good hands:

1. What Licenses, Credentials, and Certifications Do You Have?

One of the most important factors in choosing an advisor is selecting someone who understands your needs, and this is often denoted by designations, credentials, and certifications. However, with over 9 designations and several other certifications and credentials available, knowing what each of them means for you and your financial plan is no easy task. Learn about each designation to ensure you choose the right advisor.

2. What Services Does Your Firm Provide? 

Often, the services offered by a firm are a good indication of how they will serve your needs. For example, if the firm offers financial services and tax/accounting services, chances are your advisor will consult a tax/accounting specialist to be sure you take advantage of all possible tax dedications. Choosing an advisor whose firm provides multiple services not only saves you a few trips and appointments, but it can also mean a more holistic approach to your financial plan.

3. What Does Your Typical Client Look Like?

Inquiring about an advisor’s typical client can help you choose the advisor that understands your current stage in life and knows how you best serve you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

 4. Will I Be Working with Only You, Or a Team?

Similar to asking your advisor about services offered, looking for a firm with a team of specialists, rather than a jack-of-all-trades, can result in a financial plan that encompassing all your needs, not just investments or savings. Often when working with a team, you will receive a more customized financial solution, rather than a cookie-cutter plan.

5. What Is Your Strategy? 

‘There are more ways than one to skin a cat,’ so are there more ways than one to reach your financial goals. Find an advisor who understands your risk tolerance and financial obligations, and will create a plan tailored to you and your goals. Even though there are multiple ways to reach financial security, your advisor should be able to devise a strategy specific to you.

Understanding how to achieve your financial goals can be challenging, choosing the right financial advisor doesn’t have to be. With these 5 questions, you can determine if an advisor is the best fit for you and your financial needs.

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